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                 Are you looking to distract yourself from your daily activities and destress?

There are so many commitments in our daily life, and we are not getting time to take the mind off from work and stressful situation. Especially nowadays, most of us work from home or online, whole day staring computers, laptops or mobiles screens. It is scientifically proven that the blue light is damaging our vision and affecting our brain cells and causes sleeplessness.

We must take a break and refresh our brain and eyes. Going into the fresh air is always the better option. At times it may not be applicable. To address this issue, we have designed this activity book for adults. It is aimed to increase mindfulness and remove stress, anxiety and loneliness. It will also help improve memory and enhance problem-solving capacity.

This Activity Book  consists of ….

  • Mandela colouring
  • Insane sudoku
  • Mazes
  • Abstract colouring
  • Word search
  • National costume colouring
  • Hard Killer sudoku
  • Zodiac sign doodling
  • Vintage picture colouring
  • Cryptograms

 This activity book is to change your mood and distract you from your daily chores. Positive points of this book:

  • Every page contains a different activity.
  • Solutions are given in the last pages of the book
  • Vintage picture colouring tells a story. An empty page is given to write or draw the story according to your understanding and perception. You will get an idea when you look at all vintage colouring pictures.
  •  It can be introduced as a group activity. (E.g. Time -based competition and family fun activity)
  • You can get a chance to change activity if you cannot solve the problem and bored with colouring and come back again to finish it.
  • You can challenge your friends, workmates and partner to finish an activity within a particular time.
  • A-4 size booklet that is easy to carry anywhere – at work or holidays.
  • Sizes and page’s directions are intentionally varied to increase mindfulness.
  • Ideal for group and individual, for the retirement homes, nursing home, dementia care homes etc.

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