The Art of Mindfulness for Children: Min...



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Do you find yourself unable to control the tantrums that your child throws?

Do you find your child lacks confidence?

Do you find your child struggles to focus and concentrate?

Do you find your child struggles to manage healthy relationships with other children and adults alike?

Are you looking for more ideas on how to raise a happy, confident and more compassionate child?


Mindfulness is a state of presence. You choose to live in the present moment. You honor the NOW. The past does not worry you and the future doesn’t create anxiety. You reward yourself by being fully attentive and enjoying the only time that you are alive which is NOW.

This book is for guardians, parents and teachers who would like to instill Mindfulness in their children and students but do not know where to go looking for information on how to do this.

It is a well known fact that “CHILDREN LEARN BETTER WHEN THEY HAVE FUN.” This book covers the 7 principles of mindfulness with Fun Activities for the children.

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