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Emetophobia is one of the least known and most debilitating phobias. Based on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, this groundbreaking book provides the strategies for overcoming the fear of vomit and panic attacks in an easy to follow, step-by-step process. You cannot overcome fears simply by learning new information. You heal yourself by living new experiences. The Emetophobia Manual is more than a book. It’s an experiential program that includes dozens of transformative exercises as well as QR codes which link to videos you can view on your smartphone. With eye-opening metaphors, powerful tools, and inspiring anecdotes, The Emetophobia Manual motivates you to take the steps to free yourself from the fear of vomit. Otherwise, it’s like reading a cookbook in bed. In the end, you have nothing to show for it. If you fear tossing your cookies, this book contains the recipe for happiness.“If you allow this remarkable book to serve as your guide, you’ll be more successful than you ever imagined. It delivers tactics that are critical to your success.” Reid Wilson, Ph.D. Author of Stopping the Noise in Your Head “This manual is brain re-wiring, cognitive-behavioral therapy at its best!” Elizabeth DuPont Spencer, L.C.S.W. Author of The Anxiety Cure “This comprehensive manual exquisitely captures the incessant inner dialogue of people with this disabling condition, written by THE expert in the field. With the numerous QR codes which link to videos and photos, there is no other book like it.” Sally Winston Psy.D. Author of Overcoming Unwanted Intrusive Thoughts

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