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An empowering guide for young witches about the kinds of magic they can create for themselves every day.

Intended for children between the ages of eight and twelve, who are curious about the possibility of “something more” in their lives, this handbook focuses on three major areas of the witch’s life: friendship, personal fulfillment, and family. Each section includes spells, rituals, potions, and other useful information, such as tables about crystals, chakras, and herbs.

From the Publisher

The Junior Witch's Handbook

The Junior Witch's Handbook

There is magic all around us, and it’s created by us and for us

The Junior Witch's Handbook

The Junior Witch's Handbook

From inside the book

Concentration Potion

Gather together a tablespoon’s worth of the listed dried herbs. Blend them into a mixture.

Put the mixture in a tea strainer, then let your tea steep for around ten

minutes. (If you’re brewing just a mug, cover it so it doesn’t get

cold.) While it’s steeping, surround it with amethyst, lapis lazuli,

and smoky quartz, and when it’s done, stir in honey and a squeeze

of lemon.

What you’ll need

ROSEMARY, for memory
MINT, for finding flow
SAGE, for wisdom
CINNAMON STICK, to enhance brain activity

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