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The Tail of Max the Mindless Dog, A Children’s Book on Mindfulness is a perfect book for children who have habits that interfere with their ability to live happy and healthy lives.  Due to no fault of his own, Max’s tail was frequently injured. Believing his tail to be the source of his pain, he set out on a quest to catch his tail and tie it a knot. This decision resulted in Max developing a habit of running in circles; he missed out on all the fun others were experiencing. It was only when his friend, Ross, introduced him to Mindfulness that Max replaced his harmful habit with positive, more productive ones.

When Max became an older dog, he saw a puppy chasing his tail, remembering the days he did the same, Max shares the words he learned from Ross with him and the puppy learns Mindfulness.

Max teaches children how to apply the belly breath, count of ten, and words of affirmation. It shows them how to make positive choices concerning behavior rather than doing “what they have always done.” The poem Max quotes allow parents and children to replace the words “chase my tail” with other words that represent the child’s area of concern.

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