Tranquility du Jour Daybook: A Life and ...



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Chock-full of tips, tools, and checklists for living with productivity and tranquility, inside this Tranquility du Jour Daybook you’ll find four seasonal layouts, 12 monthly layouts, 60 weekly layouts, invitations to pause, lists to complete, plant-based recipes, journal prompts, yoga and meditation how-tos, and more.


Start anytime and use this dateless Daybook to guide you through a calendar year. At the start of the new season, fill out the Seasonal Life Review. Each month, pen your Month’s Dreams (what you want to manifest) and Month’s Review (how it unfolded). Weekly set aside one hour to plan and stay connected to your intentions. Review your schedule, to-dos, and projects each day.

MAKE IT YOUR OWNOr scrap the entire system and make it entirely your own. Pick it up to reflect and dream. Doodle. Personalize it with ephemera, colored markers, washi tape, and your deepest desires. Turn it into a spiral bound planner at your nearby print shop.This pink planner is a catch-all for your dreams, days’ events, and deepest thoughts. Pen your plans, explore new tools, and check the boxes (so fulfilling!). May this be a year filled with what matters most to you!

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