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Amazon #1 Best Seller! Kick-start and sustain a fun mindfulness practice with kids and teens.

"This book makes it easy and is a must have for every parent and teacher!"- Denise Besic, Mother and Teacher

Give kids lasting life skills to de-stress and calm down, navigate difficult emotions, control impulses, focus on what matters, and nurture empathy, kindness, and joy.

In Ultimate Mindfulness Activity Book you will find:

  • 150+ playful mindfulness activities
  • Tools for calm, focus, joy, kindness, and emotional intelligence and regulation
  • A 21-step guide to kick-start and sustain your practice together
  • Inspirational examples of how mindfulness makes positive change
  • Easy to understand explanations on how to explain mindfulness to kids and youth
  • A FREE audio course for grown-ups and more

UMAB empowers readers to share mindfulness with kids and youth in a playful way.

UMAB equips readers with the keys to make practice simple, engaging, joyful, and sustainable.

UMAB turns aspiring practitioners into happy practitioners.

UMAB helps you nurture focus, calm, joy, and kindness through mindfulness.

170+ Five-star reviews.

Don’t wait.

Read this book and unlock the benefits of a playful mindfulness practice today!

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