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This book is intended to help anyone achieve the Unbelievably Believable success that is possible in Hollywood. A career in Hollywood, or a career in acting anywhere, is unbelievable to many people. This book, which can be used as a workbook, unlocks the mysteries of how to get auditions, sign with agents, and book paid acting work.

  • Covers:
  • ~ How to break into the industry
  • ~ How to sign with agents and managers
  • ~ How to create relations with casting directors
  • ~ How to book paid acting jobs
  • ~ Figuring out your casting
  • ~ How to get motivated, and build winning attitude
  • ~ How to build confidence, when you haven’t booked yet.
  • ~ Acting techniques and exercises
  • ~ How to build your own personal acting technique
  • ~ How to do the Unbelievably Believable and win
  • ~ And much more.

Mark McPherson coached actors at ALL levels for 30 years.His acting studio in LA has an actress who is recurring on Shameless this year, while starring as Lead in a Comedy feature film. Another actress is one of the Leads in American Pie: Girls’ Rules on Netflix, and already shot another LEAD in a comedy, Cupid for Christmas. Plus there are another 7 actors who are the Leads in feature films [coming soon.]

First week, the book was # 1 in New Releases and #1 Best Seller in “Theater Arts Reference” and # 1 in “Acting & Auditioning”,2 articles in DEADLINE came out last week. 3 actresses from the Studio – Chelsea Alden, Natasha Behnam and Shannon DeVido were in them.

Unbelievably Believable takes you step by step from just starting out as an actor to working the industry — including starring in films and creating and sustaining a career. The nuts and bolts and technical basics of the business are covered, as well as how to create lasting relationships in your career and sustain and advance within it. Mark McPherson’s many years of coaching in Hollywood, as well as his unique ability to see and develop each actor’s gifts, is translated into specific career advice revealed in this book. While focused on helping anyone become a working actor, the book also covers acting technique.

The unfortunate adage ‘if an actor doesn’t book paid acting work, they quit and move back to Oklahoma,’ is a harsh reality this book is built to prevent. Unbelievably Believable will show the way for any actor to avoid eventually quitting the business, and inspire working actors to persist in Hollywood and build the team they need to succeed at the highest level.

“This book has everything an actor needs to be successful!!! Mark Mcphersen is a gentle genius. He focuses on how to cultivate consistency and longevity in your career in Hollywood. Using Mark’s techniques, I built a successful, working acting career from the ground up. He helped me find the joy and purpose in my art, and to always work from that creative place of wonder. “~ Natasha Behnam

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