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You are worthy of Joy. In fact, Joy is your birthright!

Being happy doesn’t just make us feel better. It makes our life better too. When we are in our natural state of joy, everything is easier. When challenges arise, we can see with clarity and discover solutions. We’re more efficient and productive at work. Our creativity increases. We become more generous with our time and attention. The constant pressure to protect ourselves diminishes and we’re able to be open and honest with those we meet. Basically every aspect of our life improves when we are happy.

We’ve been conditioned to believe we need a reason to be happy, but really the opposite is true.

If you look at your life, you’ll see whenever you are suffering, there is a reason. But when you are truly happy (and not simply caught up in pleasure), you discover Joy does not require a reason. Joy simple is.

Unreasonable Joy: Awakening through Trikaya Buddhism is based on the ancient Tantric teachings and provides the keys to release the conditioning keeping you in a state of suffering.

Within the pages, discover:

  • Simple meditation techniques that can be used anywhere, at any time, to calm, strengthen, and refocus the mind
  • How to gain control of your time, life, and mind by releasing the mental and physical habits that create suffering
  • Ways to build self-trust by using everything as fuel for spiritual growth
  • How to release limiting beliefs that blind you to your true nature of Enlightenment
  • Practical teachings from Turiya’s adventure on this magical, yet down to earth path
  • How to undertake the inner work of changing the self, not the external world

Esoteric teachings exploring the power of meditation, mindfulness, karma, emotions, and humility are structured into nine lessons. Practice Pointers show how to incorporate them into your daily life. Adorned with traditional Tibetan thangka art, the pages invite you into the powerful practice of meditation instantly. Unreasonable Joy is a map guiding you to the work needed to directly experience the ecstasy of existence and recognize who you truly are in this moment.

“We tend to think Enlightenment is something outside of ourselves that will allow us to escape, but really it’s not. It’s right here.” – Turiya

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