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You don't have to turn to food in difficult times. Well Nourished shows you how to develop a mindful relationship with food as you nourish yourself emotionally.

There is much more to nourishing yourself than simply eating food. After a long day of feeling run down and exhausted, what you're likely really hungering for are other forms of nourishment. Well Nourished is here to show you how to live a life where you can feel nourished emotionally, intellectually, physically, socially, and creatively.

This is your chance to be mindfully present as you receive, experience, and engage in the nourishing activities and moments that will sustain you on levels other than what your stomach is telling you. You will learn to maintain an inner sense of balance and nourishment even when the waters of life are pitching you around like a ship in a storm. Well Nourished gives you the tools and practices to accomplish all of this when you might otherwise turn to food in these difficult times.

With Well Nourished, you will develop a mindful relationship to food and craft your well-nourished life.

From the Publisher

Nourishing the Whole Self: What are you Truly Hungry For?

When our mind, body and spirit are fully nourished, we can enjoy and savor food for its own sake. We no longer need to rely on food to substitute for other sources of nourishment.

A Map to Your Well-Nourished Life: Mindfulness and the 5 Steps

You can shine the light of your awareness on each area of your life to discern what you truly need.

Your Well Nourished Bowl

This bowl is a metaphor for your life. Each petal represents a body. The outer circle represents the nourishing container of mindfulness and lovingkindness that you will be cultivating. Lovingkindness is an attitude of kindness, friendliness, and love that will be fully introduced in chapter 5. As your read each chapter, use this bowl for a reminder and inspiration. Fill in each petal corresponding to the body with the nourishment you choose—the skills, tools, and activities you are adding to nourish each body.

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