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Introducing your children to yoga at an early age encourages healthy lifestyle habits and sets a foundation for a fit future. Frogyogi’s Yoga Stories for Kids and Parents is the perfect resource to transform your kids into little yogis while creating a structured, positive activity that you and your young ones can enjoy together.

When I wrote this book, I specifically wanted to create something that provided adults with real, actionable information while also building fun access points for kids that would leave them begging their parents to help them practice yoga. That’s why each page of the book contains a “Kids’ Side” and a “Parents’ Side,” each of which provides some age-appropriate context for a new yoga pose or activity as well as tips and words of encouragement. In this way, kids and parents can truly discover yoga together, which promotes both good health and bonding.

But that’s not all! In addition to introducing you and your children to a fun, positive yoga fitness routine, your yoga adventures will take you on a journey around the world that introduces young yogis to key concepts from geography. As they discover new poses and exercises, students will learn about the three continents of the Western Hemisphere: North America, South America and Antarctica.

At each stop on their journey, kids will encounter a new city, culture, animal or physical feature, learning mind-expanding trivia facts and building background knowledge that will help them excel in the classroom. Their guide and yoga instructor, Frogyogi, gets kids excited about powerful yogic practices including asanas, mantras and meditation by connecting them to children’s love of play and sense of wonder for the natural world.

Each “Kids’ Side” page contains beautiful full-color illustrations of the places and animals described in the text, while the “Parents’ Side” pages have high-quality color photographs to help you and your children visualize and achieve the poses in a safe, correct manner.

If you’re looking for a fun way to engage with your children while helping them build mindful, engaged and healthy lifestyles, Frogyogi’s Yoga Stories for Kids and Parents is the perfect book for you and your family!

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