You Got This – A Positive Thinking...


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You Got This

– A Positive Thinking, Mindfulness and Wellbeing Journal

A daily journal for kids to promote happiness, gratitude, self-confidence and mental health wellbeing.

You Got This is a unique journal for kids and teenagers, allowing them the time to record their feelings each day. Over ONE HUNDRED attractively designed spreads encouraging children and young adults to record good things on a daily basis – lists such as ‘Three Amazing Things That Happened Today” and “The Good Things Checklist” will remind kids of the good things they have experienced, encouraging growth mindset. Gratitude tasks have been scientifically proven to promote happiness.
Prompts to remind them of kindness will increase mental and physical wellbeing. The simple act of using the journal is ‘analogue’ time in an increasingly digital age.
A selection of colouring pages towards the end of the journal will help relaxation.

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