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Psychiatry Explains How Depression Makes People Feel Tired and Irritable

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8. It Causes Overwhelm When People Try to Help

Your loved ones have good intentions and want to help you feel better. However, their undesired help can cause irritation and feelings of overwhelming frustration instead of making things better.


Even the most well-meaning people in your life can exacerbate your depression symptoms, making you feel tired. When people try to help, it can make you feel like you’ve lost all control of your life and the situation in general.

9. You Rely on Routines and Patterns

People with depression rely on routines and patterns to make sense of the world. Routine makes you feel in control of your life, allowing you little bits of stability in times of uncertainty. If your routines get thrown off for any reason, it can cause you to feel tired.

10. Depression Causes Memory Problems

Depression affects memory, and when you can’t remember things, it wears you out. People who have learned to manage their memory issues have ways of coping. They make lists, write everything down, or take pictures of things to remember later.


Whether your coping mechanisms are conscious or not, they help you feel in control of your life. When their coping mechanisms aren’t in place, it can quickly make you tired and short-tempered.

Final Thoughts on Psychiatry Explains How Depression Makes People Feel Tired and Irritable

Depression affects every part of a person’s life, and it can make you feel tired and irritable all the time. Now that you know why depression makes you feel cranky and tired, you can understand the issues a little better.

Knowledge helps you overcome depression and get the sleep you desperately need. Plus, identifying depression as the culprit can help you improve your mental health. You’ll learn how to overcome the symptoms, allowing you to live a fulfilling life.

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