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Consider Meditation to Decenter and Fight Negative Thoughts

Part of adopting a more mindful lifestyle is to realize that everything isn’t about you. Humans innately from a fixed view of themselves and others when it’s often not grounded. Learning to decenter by meditation helps you question those views and open yourself to change.


1. Find Your Sanctuary

Whether it’s a spare room or a quiet corner somewhere in your house, designate a sacred space that’s your own. Sit or lie down and be aware of each cleansing breath. As you transcend into more profound relaxation, allow your mind to focus on being present and not worry about anything else.

2. Bring up a Memory

Now that you’re in tune with your inner voice and spirit, try to recall an incident in your life that brought negative emotions. Were you angry, sad, frightened, or confused? Honestly and compassionately acknowledge these emotions.

3. Stay Briefly in the Center

As the subject, notice the thoughts that may start racing through your mind without judgment. Now, become aware of your physical responses, such as the tightened gut and clenched teeth. Acknowledge these feelings and slowly bring your focus back to breathing.


4. Step Out of Yourself

One of the goals of transcendental meditation is to allow your consciousness to leave your body and become a silent observer. Surround yourself with healing breaths and light and see how your misperceptions may have hurt you rather than helped. Be willing to change your attitude, and it can help you fight negative feelings.

5. Record Your Thoughts

Keeping a meditation journal is a superb way of tracking your emotion and spiritual growth. Write down any sensation or thought that you had during your quiet time. Reading past entries can inspire you to keep on a path for more positive energy.

Try this decentering meditation whenever you feel negative energy or stifling emotions from the past. It may encourage you to release unfounded feelings and beliefs that no longer work for you.

Final Thoughts on Decentering Your Mind to Fight Negative Thoughts

The Universe is an infinite space where positive and negative energy co-exist. However, clinging to pessimistic thought patterns can send negative affirmations into the Universe that will attract more of the same. By learning how to decenter and be more objective, you’ll learn how to change and attract more blessings.

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