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Psychologist Explains Why Some People Are Always Irritable (and How to Stop)

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·         Mindfulness

Mindfulness, which is the act of being present, allows people to label their emotions and remain grounded in reality. Studies indicate that it may reduce the severity of emotional reactions to various sources of distress.

Remember that not everyone wants advice like this, and some may consider it condescending. If you’re careful and empathic while delivering this information, you can get your message across tactfully. It may be a good idea to ask the person in question if they want your advice before providing these suggestions.

If you believe that someone’s irritable behavior is a symptom of a more serious underlying condition, you can recommend professional help.


3.      If All Else Fails, Set Boundaries

You can’t always help irritable people. You may not be able to provide the specific help that they need, or they may not be willing to listen to you. This is especially true for those you may not be close to or may not spend that much time with.

The best way to “help” your relationship with them is to set some hard and fast boundaries in this event. Winch explains that if you’ve tried to address the issue to no avail and with no effort on their part to manage their behavior, it’s a good idea to start limiting your content with them.

For some people, these irritable moods may arrive in waves. This means that giving them some time to themselves can allow them to reach a better emotional place naturally.


Just remember that you don’t deserve to be on the receiving end of poor treatment. If someone’s irritable behavior has continued and is affecting you, and there are no signs of listening to your communication about it, it’s time to put some distance between you.

Final Thoughts On Reasons Why Some People Are Always Irritable, And How You Can Help

People can be irritable every day, but some experience this emotion more frequently and intensely than others. These may find themselves trapped in self-perpetuating irritation cycles. They could have a medical issue, or they could be forced to spend time with irritable people. Whatever the case, helping them can be a difficult task, but understanding where they come from is the first step.

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