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Psychologists Explain the Top 10 Benefits of a Shorter Work Week

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Ultimately, no one wants to feel like their life has been spent in a cubicle or focused on things that, in the end, didn’t matter. A shorter work week could mark a complete change in how people retire and the difference they feel they’ve made in the world.


9.      It Reduces The Risk Of Certain Diseases

Long working hours and workaholism are prevalent in numerous cultures across the globe. We already know that this opens people to the risk of physical health issues and potentially fatal diseases. This includes, as studies have shown, heart disease, type 2 diabetes, obesity, and many more.

People who work high-risk jobs or work with potentially dangerous equipment suffer even worse from this. They’re not just at risk of more diseases, but their physical health can be subject to more injury. Research indicates that workplace accidents happen less among those who work fewer hours.

10. It Helps People Engage With Their Work

The very idea that most people hate work and can’t wait for the weekend is a pretty sad concept when you think about it. People spending so much of their lives doing something they ardently dislike is undoubtedly terrible for mental health.

A shorter work week may be the key to encouraging people to engage more positively with their work environment. As tried by Sweden, six-hour workdays saw people taking less time off and doing more for their workplace than usual.


Then, there’s a possibility that we don’t have to dislike our work. Getting a better balance between it and the rest of our lives could be the change necessary to encourage people to enjoy their careers more, even in less-than-ideal circumstances.

Final Thoughts On Some Benefits Of A Shorter Work Week

There are some challenges that a shorter work week poses, and there are certainly downsides to the idea. But, at the same time, the benefits have shown us that it is a concept worth considering. A shorter workweek may be in our future!

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