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Psychology Explains 7 Behaviors People Show In An Unhealthy Relationship

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6. Blame shifting happens in an unhealthy relationship

Every couple has arguments, and this is part of a healthy relationship. However, they cross a line when they disrespect you and shove the blame your way. When dealing with a toxic partner, they often don’t like to be guilty of anything.

They would much rather blame you than take responsibility for their actions. Maybe they gambled away the mortgage payment this month, but it’s still your fault because you spent too much money on groceries. Even if you give them irrefutable proof of something they’ve done wrong, they will still find some way to turn it around on you.

7. Isolation occurs with an abusive partner

Have you ever been to a remote island that has nothing around it? One such place is Shell Island in Panama City Beach. Before you go to this location, you will hear that when the ferry drops you off, you will find no facilities–no restaurants, shelters, or even phones to call for help.

It can feel quite eerie if you’re one of the last people on the island before the ferry runs. The same thing happens when you’re in an unhealthy relationship, as they want to isolate you and get you off by yourself. When there’s no one around, there’s no one to judge how you’re being treated or offer advice.

Sadly, it’s not tropical paradise when you’re in such a situation, as you often fear for your well-being. The controlling person wants to limit your phone calls, monitor your text messages. They might go as far as putting GPS trackers on your phone and car.

They need to see who you’re talking to, where you’re going, and what you’re doing. You may feel smothered, as you know your every move is monitored.

Final Thoughts on Unhealthy Relationships

Is your relationship healthy? If you had to stop and think about that question, chances are there’s some disrespect and things that need improvement. Not every situation means you should end your relationship; some people want to change and are willing to get help.

However, you need to love yourself enough to leave when you’re in an unhealthy relationship with abuse or other severe toxic behaviors. People often stay in situations where they are mistreated because they don’t know how to escape. Every day, men and women around this country face manipulative partners who control their lives and destroy their self-esteem.

The key is to realize that there’s hope beyond your unhealthy situation. Get help, talk to family and friends, and get out if you’re not happy. Life is way too short to spend your time in a miserable, abusive situation.

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