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Relationship Break or Breakup? How to Set the Ground Rules

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5 – Discuss Whether You Will See Other People

You’ll want to establish the rules for seeing other people, too. Some people assume a break means you’re still together and won’t see anyone else. However, other people think that a break means it’s fair to get out there and see other people.

Establish if and when it is okay to spend time romantically with anyone else. This limit is one of the most important ones to set. If the boundaries aren’t clear, it could worsen or end the relationship entirely.

6 – Figure Out the Living Arrangement

If you live with your partner, you’ll also want to discuss the living arrangement. One of you may need to stay somewhere else until the break is over because it’ll be useless if you still see each other every day. You’ll both need your space to overcome the relationship troubles.

7 – Stay Calm and Be Respectful

As you set the ground rules, make sure to stay calm and think logically. Your partner might say things you don’t love, but losing your temper won’t help. However, if you aren’t comfortable with the terms or feel disrespected, it’s okay to end things yourself.

8 – Discuss Taking a Break from Your Partner in Person

You can read your partner’s body language when discussing things in person. You’ll have a better chance of figuring out if they still have feelings for you and whether your relationship is salvageable. Plus, there won’t be as many misunderstandings if you talk in person rather than on a phone call or a text.

9 – Stick to the Rules and Make the Most of Your Time Apart

When you have feelings for someone, it’s hard to stop communicating with them. However, you must stick to the ground rules and see it through for the break to work. Spend your time reflecting and bettering yourself and your life because that’s all you can control.

Use the time apart to reconnect with your friends and loved ones. Pick up a new hobby or revisit ones you haven’t done in a while. When you use the break as an opportunity to improve your life, you’ll know whether you want to continue the relationship or not.


Final Thoughts on Relationship Break or Breakup? How to Set the Ground Rules

Remember that a relationship break is about connecting with yourself and bettering who you are. It involves doing the necessary work to make your relationship work, too. However, you can only take those steps if you have ground rules in place.

Relationship problems are never ideal, but a break or breakup can be hard to handle. Make sure you’re both clear on the situation and set some ground rules to make it work.

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