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Science Explains How a Healthy Immune System Works

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·         Adaptive Immunity

Also known as acquired immunity, this refers to immunity learned through exposure over time. It may come from sickness or vaccinations. Some people call this immunological memory, as it’s an example of a healthy immune system capable of remembering past intruders’ faces. Studies show that this involves the identification of “signature” features of various antigens.

·         Passive Immunity

This type of immunity is temporary and comes from quick sources. The most obvious example of this is in babies. Babies can receive immunity from specific antigens by consuming antibodies through breast milk. They lose that immunity when they are weaned off the milk or don’t consume it for a while.

4.      Disorders That Affect The Immune System

Not everyone has a healthy immune system; several conditions can affect the body’s natural defenses. These include the following conditions:

·         Allergies

A healthy immune system responds to allergens by expelling them and quickly removing them. Allergy diseases, however, because that response can dial up to 11. The severity of such allergies can even become life-threatening in some cases.

·         Autoimmune Disorders

Autoimmune disorders occur when B-cells misidentify threats, producing autoantibodies. Autoantibodies attack the body instead of invader cells, thus making you fight your body by considering things like organs, cells, and tissues unfamiliar invaders. On the other hand, a healthy immune system can fight off this attack.

·         Immunodeficiency

Immunodeficiency refers to an under-activity of the immune system. This can cause a genetically inherited disease, such as SCID, or occur due to diseases like cancer or HIV. It can also come from specific medical treatments and medications, like chemotherapy.

Individuals with these disorders will need special treatment and unique considerations to keep themselves safe and healthy.

Final Thoughts On How A Healthy Immune System Works

The human immune system is an essential part of the survival of our species. Without it, we would be highly vulnerable to various diseases and illnesses. Therefore, we would have likely gone extinct a long time ago!

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