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Science Explains How Goji Berries Can Preserve Eyesight

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The authors note that while the results are encouraging, more studies are needed to confirm the results.

However, one other study in 114 people with early macular degeneration showed improvements with goji berry supplements. They took a daily supplement for 90 days and showed a greater density of macular pigment, slowing AMD’s progression.

Other Ways to Slow or Prevent Age-Related Vision Loss

If you want healthier eyes, follow these tips from the National Institute on Aging:

  • Wear sunglasses and a wide-brimmed hat when you’re outdoors in the sun. Even on cloudy or winter days, the sun can still damage your eyes, so protect them year-round.
  • Quit smoking, as it can increase the risk of age-related vision loss and diseases like AMD or cataracts.
  • Maintain a healthy diet full of fresh fruits and vegetables. Goji berries, blueberries, carrots, leafy green vegetables, nuts, seeds, eggs, and salmon have high antioxidant levels and fatty acids that promote eye health.
  • Get regular exercise and lose weight if needed.
  • Manage blood pressure and diabetes (if you have it), as both conditions can contribute to age-related vision loss.
  • If you’re on the computer for long hours, take breaks every twenty minutes. Get up, walk around, and look at objects far away to give your eyes a break.
  • Have a yearly eye exam. Since most people don’t have symptoms in the early stages of eye diseases, they often go undetected. However, an ophthalmologist or optometrist can find and treat problems before they become unmanageable. If you’re fifty or older, you should have a dilated eye exam annually, where your doctor can examine your eyes more closely.

Final Thoughts on Study Showing that Goji Berries Improve Vision

As you get older, you’re more vulnerable to health problems such as age-related vision loss. However, a new study by UC Davis found that goji berries could preserve eye health and protect against diseases like macular degeneration. After 90 days, participants had higher levels of the protective pigments lutein and zeaxanthin in their eyes.

Another study found that participants taking a goji berry supplement also had more macular pigment. However, in the first study, those who took a supplement showed no improvement. Therefore, it’s probably best to eat goji berries in their natural form before trying other options. Either way, the research proves the power of goji berries, and we can all benefit from their healing properties.

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