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Scientists Explain How a Woman’s Immune System Help Her Beat HIV

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In 2019, Yu’s team began studying the Esperanza patient, analyzing her blood cells extensively for any sign of HIV. They also searched 500 million placenta-tissue cells after the woman gave birth to an HIV-negative baby in March 2020. In both instances, the team found no intact viral sequences despite using state-of-the-art genetic sequencing techniques.

The team hopes to uncover more of these patients to understand the phenomenon better. If they can pinpoint the mechanism driving the eradication of HIV, perhaps it could lead to a definitive cure.

“We’re never going to be 100 percent sure there’s absolutely no intact virus, no functional virus anywhere in her body,” Yu said of the Esperanza patient. “To bring what we learn from these patients to a broader patient population is our ultimate goal.”

Final Thoughts on the Woman Who Cured herself of HIV Naturally

Scientists recently performed a study on a woman who reported ridding herself of HIV without medication. The 30-year-old Argentine woman became the second documented patient whose immune system destroyed the virus. While lifestyle choices like clean eating and exercise can ward off diseases, this doesn’t work with HIV.

Currently, no cure exists for the virus because it lies dormant in infected cells. This makes it nearly impossible to target these cells since medication only works when the virus replicates. However, the recent study sheds light on the extraordinary capabilities of the human body. If we can heal ourselves of diseases, and scientists can document the process, perhaps illnesses will one day be a thing of the past.


It certainly is for the Argentine woman who somehow cured herself of HIV. Hopefully, we’ll soon know more about what caused this miracle so others can benefit from it.

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