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Special Needs Animal Rescue and Rehabilitation Helps Pets Find New Homes

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“We take a lot of dogs with special needs, a lot of dogs with severe medical conditions that have been neglected for years, and I just love watching those transformations. It will never get old, it will never get boring, and it’s what continues to drive us to do what we do,” Courtney says. “And to be better and bigger every year, and save more animals. If you want to be involved, the best way is to visit our website at We can always use new volunteers, fosters, donors of course; there are so many different ways to be involved.”

If you’d like to help, you can also visit your local animal shelter and consider fostering or adopting. We can all do our part in small ways to make our four-legged friends feel loved and appreciated!


Final Thoughts on Special Needs Animal Rescue in New York

There are hundreds of animal shelters around the country, but not many special needs animal rescues. The SNARR Northeast takes in animals with severe medical conditions, rehabilitates them, and tries to find their forever homes. They’ve saved thousands of animals over the years and continue to rescue as many dogs as possible. The shelter doesn’t turn away any animal, accepting dogs as they are.

We hope you enjoyed hearing about this beautiful special needs animal rescue! It’s always heartwarming to hear about people going out of their way to help the most fragile and vulnerable among us.

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