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Study Reveals How Short Women With Tall Men Make Happy Couples

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A 2009 survey in the United States revealed similar findings. The Panel Study of Income Dynamics by the University of Michigan surveyed over 5,000 families. The survey found that 92.2% of men stood taller than their partners.

Of course, having a height difference in a relationship doesn’t guarantee the couple will stay together. Interestingly, a study published in the National Bureau of Economic Research in August 2014 discovered that shorter men get fewer divorces than tall men. There’s probably an evolutionary reason for that, though the study didn’t specify.


Overall, it’s essential to take these findings with a grain of salt. Obviously, you should value your partner for much more than just their height or other physical attributes. As the first study found, height won’t matter much after a couple of decades of marriage. Any happiness you derive from finding a tall mate will wane as you settle into the relationship.

Therefore, to any woman looking for love, try to focus mainly on chemistry and compatibility. Choose a partner you can picture yourself happily growing old with (and that has nothing to do with height!)

Final Thoughts on a Study Explaining Why Short Women Prefer Tall Men

From an evolutionary standpoint, it’s not too surprising that short women go for tall men. As we said before, taller men have the advantage of protecting their families and providing security. Of course, women will value these attributes in a survival situation. In the modern world, tallness translates to more excellent financial stability and dominance, both important to most women.


However, no one should choose a mate based solely on their height. Physical characteristics will fade over time, but personality and compatibility will endure. When you’re going on dates, keep this in mind, as you may overlook someone special by focusing on external factors. Not to mention, strength doesn’t necessarily correlate with height, so don’t turn shorter men away before giving them a fair chance.

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