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The Alchemy of Transformation: Navigating Right Alignment Amongst Transitional Thresholds

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As spiritual seekers and trailblazers with an insatiable craving for truth, many of us are always leaning into an inquiry of how to discover and maintain balance and alignment in our lives.

As beings who are in a continuous process of evolution, our relationship with balance and alignment can look vastly different at every growth stage.

As we grow and change, our needs, values, and boundaries also evolve along with us.

We feel the pain and discomfort most intensely when the shifting and transformation of our inner world begin to create ripple effects within our outer world.

Inner transformation

Have you ever noticed the more conscious and self-aware you become the more you can perceive with blazing clarity what is out of balance and misaligned within your life?

It feels great to make progress on our spiritual/life journey and be able to directly perceive how much we are growing as individuals.

On the flip side, the more profoundly we connect with our deepest essence and truth, the harder it is to ignore when we aren’t living in alignment and honoring our true self.

The process of awakening can be a scary, vulnerable, and uncomfortable process.

As we awaken to our deeper truth and our internal growth begins to impact our outer environment, we might start to feel a sense of disease and discomfort.

It’s as if we are shedding an old skin and have yet to fully grow and acclimate to the new form birthing into being.

When we begin to feel a fundamental change in ourselves that feels drastically different from the way we have ever experienced ourselves, it is easy to feel that the very nature of our metamorphosis and transformation is a threat.

Don’t fight change

During these moments of transitional instability, it can feel challenging to find our sense of internal alignment and balance.

What once felt familiar and comfortable no longer feels like it fits in the same way.

We might notice that as we internally change, our relationships and exterior circumstances begin to transform.

We might feel like we can’t connect in the same way with our loved ones and friends.

We might discover that our career isn’t fulfilling us in the same way.

We might recognize that certain habits and patterns we have no longer support us in the same way, or the way that we have been caring for ourselves is in need of a major overhaul.

If you are finding yourself at the precipice of a transitional threshold where the current circumstances of your reality no longer feel like a match, there is a high probability that you are transitioning from an old paradigm way of being that is no longer alignment.

The discomfort and pain you are experiencing is a sign you are in a process of growth and being offered an opportunity to connect to the vaster innate truth of who you really are and what you are most deeply passionate about and value.

Stay the course

As we ascend into a space of more profound alignment, our tolerance for what is no longer in alignment shrinks.

We can no longer blindly ignore and engage in actions and choice that aren’t in our highest service.

We are fundamentally shifting from a vibrational resonance and energetic patterning that isn’t serving us to a vibrational resonance and energetic patterning that is a match for the signature and coding of our soul’s deepest essence and highest expression.

As we align with our true north and inner guidance system, we naturally begin to energetically, emotionally, and physically detox.

We are clearing the way so that our soul’s higher intelligence can come through and we can fully embody the divine conduit we truly are.

Take a breath

If you are finding yourself facing extreme resistance and fear, allow yourself to stop for a moment and take a breath.

See if you can allow yourself to slow down and move towards the experience of sensation in your physical body.

Allow yourself to feel the support of the ground beneath your feet and the physical power and presence of your body.

Notice how you are naturally and effortlessly held and supported here with you having to do anything.

You are supported by your life’s breath, the gravity, and force of the earth, and the actual physical container and vessel of the intricate and brilliantly designed ecosystem that is your body.

Feeling fear and resistance in the midst of great change and transformation is completely natural and normal.

What would it be like to welcome the fear and resistance in this moment, rather than resisting it?

What might happen in the invitation to not only connect with and fully welcome the truth of the fear, while opening into the excitement and majesty of the change and new growth that is guiding you into deeper intimacy with your true nature?

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