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Therapists Explain 5 Ways to Discipline Children Without Hurting Feelings

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It’s a little flashlight that isn’t that great of a toy anyway, but they are continuously fighting over who has control of it. If you let them argue, they can keep up these actions for long periods. The result may be a temper tantrum, physical violence, and an uncomfortable afternoon for all involved.


However, what if you cut off their wrong actions at the pass? Go over, remove the flashlight, and direct their attention to another activity. When you take the object out of the equation and turn the focus towards something else, then you can avoid all this drama.

Parents are guilty of letting things drag on because you learn to tune things out. If you’re scrolling social media or talking on the phone, you might not catch everything. However, being proactive allows you to create a more harmonious atmosphere in your home.

Final Thoughts on Methods to Discipline Children Without Hurting Them

Think back to your childhood and how you were disciplined. What things would you change, and what did you think was acceptable? Was there anything that hurt you and caused you significant psychological discomfort?


When you discipline children, the goal is to learn from your parents’ mistakes and make wise choices in your child-rearing. Now, that’s easier said than done. It never fails; you will inevitably hear your mother or father coming out of your mouth at some point.

While you can take the good things about your child-rearing to direct your kids, you need to remember that society knows much more now about the long last effects of poor discipline. You don’t want to hurt your children’s feelings, nor do you want to cause them to be aggressive towards your future grandchildren.

If your children grow up in a home where there is name-calling, hitting each other, and mind games are used as forms of punishment, then it’s going to be impossible for them to be well-rounded and not affected. Kids don’t come with a manual, and it would be great if they did. You will find that each child responds differently to correction, and some need more assertive actions than others.

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