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These 15 Phrases Can Help You Connect with Your Soulmate

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12. I’m attracted to more than your physical appearance.

Your partner will be thrilled to know that you find them physically attractive, but there should be more to it. Being attracted to who someone is on the inside is even more special.


Show love by complimenting your partner’s wisdom, thoughtfulness, and other positive characteristics they have. When you’ve found your person, you’ll have plenty of non-physical aspects that you love about them.

Connect With Your Soulmate by Describing How Lucky You Feel

13. We met at the perfect time in our lives.

Saying this line to your partner will get them thinking about where you’re at in your relationship. Thinking about perfect timing and your relationship will get them thinking about where you’re heading next. It also lets them know that you think it was the perfect time to meet because you’re ready for the next step.

14. I feel like I’ve known you for so long.

When you meet your soulmate, the bond will happen so quickly that you’ll feel like you’ve known them forever. You won’t feel nervous or uncomfortable around them because everything falls into place so well. They’ll make you feel at ease more than anyone else can, eventually becoming your comfort space.

15. I love how much you make me laugh.

Complimenting someone’s sense of humor is one of the best things you can do. When your person makes you laugh all the time, make sure they know you appreciate and love it. It’ll remind them to take time to make you laugh, and it’ll encourage you to find humor in things, too.


Final Thoughts on Phrases That Can Help You Connect with Your Soulmate

When you’ve found your person, you’ll want to find any way to connect with them that you can. Don’t ever miss an opportunity to tell your soulmate how much they mean to you. They’ll see how much the relationship means to you when you voice what you love and appreciate.

These phrases will help you show love and deepen your connection. They might even open you up to a conversation about your future together. Either way, saying these meaningful things to your partner will boost your relationship.

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