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This Artist Uses a Typewriter to Create Absolute Masterpieces

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What the Future Holds for James

We also hope James can expand his work and create even more amazing masterpieces in the future! If you’re impressed with his artwork, make sure to check out his prints available for purchase. Some of these include the Tower Bridge, Big Ben, Palace of Westminster, Parliament, Greenwich University, the London skyline, and a double-decker bus.

He also offers commissioned work in three different sizes – small, medium and large-scale. You can also request a video recording of the typewriter art for an additional cost.


His past commercial clients include WIRED Magazine, Disney STAR, NBC and Alex Preston. News outlets such as BBC News, Sky News, and ITV’s Good Morning Britain also featured his work.

Final Thoughts on the Typewriter Artist Who Creates Mesmerizing Drawings

James is taking the art world by storm with his unique typewriter creations. In the past seven years, he’s produced breathtaking masterpieces of iconic buildings in the UK, celebrities, and personal family portraits. Typewriter art has existed for nearly 100 years, and every artist puts their unique spin on it. For James, it’s his love of architecture that continues to inspire his creativity.

We hope you enjoyed hearing about this talented artist’s typewriter drawings! Which of his creations was your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

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