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Transforming ADD into Higher Levels of Consciousness with Meditation with Jonathan Mozenter

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Jonathan Mozenter is a consultant, coach, and educator. His work focuses on helping organizations and individuals manage positive change. Jonathan helps clients to understand where they’re at, identify current challenges, then build and implement plans to help realize their life vision. Professionally, he has been working with people for more than 20 years in both private and public sectors. His natural instinct for synthesizing ideas and inspiring growth has been employed in coaching executives, helping organizations redesign their structure, working with young people, publishing articles, evaluating programs, designing and delivering training materials, and evolving powerful long-term strategies. Currently, Jonathan is on a long-term change management project called Compliance Safety Accountability that is helping the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) redesign their enforcement agency to be more efficient and effective. Jonathan’s formal education is in psychology, organizational behavior, change management, and business, and he has a BSBA and MBA from Boston University. His family background is in social work, which helped him cultivate from an early age his strong psychological approach to problem solving.

Jonathan has complemented his formal training with knowledge in Integral Theory, philosophy, and consciousness, to help craft a profoundly effective approach to mastering change. This includes completing the Core Integral Essential Integral and Advanced Integral courses and training in Tibetan Mahamudra and Dzogchen meditation. Jonathan has published articles in professional journals on identifying trends in organizational development and leadership skills needed to build a learning organization. Jonathan also collaborates with fellow advocates in interrelated fields to help transcend the world’s crisis state. He is devoted to sharing his knowledge and methods with all those committed to helping create stronger, wiser, and more abundant communities.


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