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UC Psychologist Explains How Mindfulness Can Refocus a Wandering Mind

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So, by being in the moment and watching it pass, we can approach difficulties from a healthier perspective. And, being mindful will make you feel calmer and appease a wandering mind.

How to Bring Mindfulness into Your Life

It’s harder than ever to stay mindful of the endless distractions of modern life. You can turn on Netflix or scroll Facebook for hours when you want to escape reality. But, the next time you do this, put down the remote or phone first and check in with yourself. Are you watching a show out of genuine curiosity or because you’re trying to escape pain?


With that said, we’ll give you a few pointers on becoming more mindful:

  • Refocus on the task at hand. You might have the habit of multitasking, but switching between tasks means it will take you longer to accomplish them. By focusing on one thing at a time, you’ll perform better and complete duties in a more timely manner.
  • Many people find uncomfortable thoughts during downtimes and want to escape them somehow. But, writing out how you feel can have a therapeutic effect and help you process these painful feelings. Instead of drowning your sorrows in technology or other unhealthy coping mechanisms, sit with your emotions. Feel them, and then let them go. Feeling emotional makes us human, and hiding how you feel will only hurt you in the long run.
  • Let go of expectations. Suffering arises when we think reality should appear different than it does. When you approach life with a non-attached mindset, simply dealing with problems as they come, you’ll feel much freer. Instead of allowing our emotions to carry us away, confronting reality head-on would help restore balance in our daily lives.

Final Thoughts on How Mindfulness Helps You Refocus a Wandering Mind

Do you find that you have a wandering mind? Most of us probably do, even during our work or school days. However, we can bring healing and peace to our stressed-out world by surrendering to the here and now. If you think about it, we can never be anywhere but in the present moment, so why fight it?


You don’t even need any techniques to practice this, except simply being. Try it out, and we guarantee you’ll have a more focused mind before you know it.

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