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Whole Foods Market Just Revealed Cutting-Edge Checkout Technology



It’s unclear what the future of the Just Walk Out technology holds. The company will monitor the two pilot stores to see how customers like the experience. It may seem a bit impersonal, but it’s hard to ignore the convenience factor. After all, no one likes standing in long lines to pay for groceries.

Final Thoughts on New Whole Foods Market Checkout Technology

Whole Foods Market recently launched its first cashierless store in Washington D.C.’s Glover Park neighborhood. The advanced checkout technology allows customers to scan in and out of the store using their palm or Amazon app. They can then shop as usual while in-store sensors track their purchases. The receipt shows up in their Amazon account two to three hours after the shopping experience.


Customers who don’t want to use the Just Walk Out method can still pay in the store. So, you don’t need an Amazon account to buy groceries at these stores. Would you shop at these Whole Foods Market stores? Let us know in the comments.

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